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Joseph A. Cisneros, Attorney at Law

Monterey County Lawyer

Associate, Joseph A. Cisneros is an attorney in good standing with the California State Bar Association. He works closely with the California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers in his practice of education law and has achieved consistently positive outcomes for these clients. Joe is also a skilled civil litigation lawyer and criminal defense attorney in Monterey County.

Joe has strong communication skills and puts his clients at ease with his approach to cases he is handling. Recently, Joe represented a school teacher who accidentally discharged a firearm his classroom while he was demonstrating gun safety. The incident drew national attention and was reported by all the major media organizations in the country, some even outside of the United States. Joe was able to convince the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office that no criminal charges should be filed against his client and has truly helped his client move through the negative publicity which followed the incident and return to a healthy and less stressful lifestyle.

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