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Domestic violence is a category of miscellaneous crimes which can be committed against a family member, roommate, or romantic partner living in the same household. These crimes typically include some type of violence or threat which puts the alleged victim in fear for their life or safety.

At the Biegel Law Firm, we know that the implications of a domestic violence conviction can be much greater than simply paying fines or going to jail. You could potentially lose custody, visitation rights, and be removed from your home. We are here to help protect you against the consequences of a conviction.

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Building a Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges can arise out of many different circumstances, and our goal is to do everything in our power to ensure that charges against our clients are reduced or dismissed. We are skilled investigators and work tirelessly to uncover holes in the prosecution’s case. This includes using the information we uncover and working as a team to build a strong defense strategy against your charges.

We can help you if you have been charged with any type of domestic violence, such as:

  • Criminal threats
  • Assault
  • Stalking
  • Rape
  • Child abuse
  • Harassment

Accused of Domestic Violence in Monterey County?

At the Biegel Law Firm, we have won a number of awards and achievements for our excellent legal representation. Our experience broaches many areas of criminal defense and we have a track record of success. We know that being accused of a crime of this nature is serious and can be very upsetting but you can count on us to not only work to protect your rights but to provide an individualized experience. We are known for our ability to build an up close and personal connection with our clients.

To find out what can be done for your case, contact our Monterey County domestic violence lawyers at (831) 373-3700.

Case Studies

False Allegation of Domestic Violence

Our client was a language professor at a local university and a conviction of a charge of battering his wife would have led to his deportation from the United States and his being deported to his former Middle Eastern country where he would have likely been jailed for the activities which prompted him to escape to the United States in the first place. Again, using investigators who took witness statements from persons who had valuable information about the case, and a careful analysis of photographic evidence of alleged injuries our client allegedly caused to his spouse, the jury brought back a “not guilty” verdict and our client remains a teacher of foreign language in our local university.

Case Alleged Domestic Violence Against an Estranged Spouse

Our client, a local businessman, was charged with battery involving his spouse with whom he was separated. At the end of an overnight “sleepover” with his three children, his wife came to the door to pick them up. She claimed, falsely, that he pushed her out of the front door and that she fell on the steps badly hurting herself. Being very careful not to involve testimony of the children, Mr. Biegel was able to convince a jury that there was substantial reasonable doubt about his client’s guilt and a verdict of “not guilty” was returned after four hours of jury deliberation.

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