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When a dispute arises between two people, groups, or businesses, the parties can sometimes come to an agreement on their own. However, civil law and business matters can sometimes escalate or cannot be resolved out of court. At the Biegel Law Firm, we are known for our ability to provide dedicated legal help with business and civil litigation matters. We are here to help you litigate the dispute and come to a resolution.

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Comprehensive Civil & Business Law Litigation

Civil law issues can quickly become messy, whether you are being served or you are filing the lawsuit due to the actions of another party. When it comes to your business, we understand that your finances and company are on the line when you go into litigation. Our goal is to ensure your interests are properly protected during the course of any case or trial. During our time in practice, we have proven our abilities time and time again in a wide range of legal disputes.

We handle all types of cases, including:

  • Formation/dissolution disputes
  • Business agreement disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Construction law
  • Personal injury lawsuits
  • Securities arbitration/litigation
  • Business torts
  • Employment law litigation
  • Real estate disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder disputes

Preparing for Every Possible Scenario

At the Biegel Law Firm, we know that every case is different and it is impossible to predict exactly what is going to happen. However, we work hard to prepare your case such that we are ready for any possible scenario. This may include hearings, negotiations, dispositions, and trial. Our Monterey County civil and business litigation lawyers are here to address your concerns and counsel you so that you understand the risks and advantages of any strategy.

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Case Study: Will Contest – Clients Prevail with Hefty Settlement

In 2015, during his last illness, the father of our three clients, his adult daughters, executed a will in which he disowned each of them in favor of a fourth adult daughter. The Biegel Law Firm brought suit to contest the will, claiming it had been procured by the fourth daughter by undue influence and that her father was incompetent to execute such a will. After extensive discovery, the matter was settled such that our clients received a significant interest in their father’s estate, consisting of cash and an award of certain mineral rights, which constituted a substantial amount of the value of the estate.

Case Study: Land Dispute & Fraud

In 2008, our client sought to locate and purchase land in Carmel Valley such as to accommodate developing the 93-acre parcel into a “dream environment” for him his family. Assured by the developer that the parcel had the utmost privacy, including statements in the project plan that privacy was a key element of the development, our client purchased the property for almost $3,000,000. He did so having reviewed the building envelope assigned to the neighboring lot to assure that any residence built there would not be visible or somehow intrude on the privacy of his parcel. Once he took possession, our client found that the statements of the developer were untrue and that the developer himself had granted a building envelope change in the neighboring property to a place directly overlooking our client’s newly purchased parcel. After scores of depositions and many pre-trial motions, the case was settled with the developer and homeowners association for a seven-figure amount and assurances that no residence could be built directly overlooking our client’s parcel.

Case Study: Defending Claims of Fraud and Embezzlement

Our client had been married and worked with a noted artist. When the marriage collapsed the parties filed for dissolution. The artist husband filed a civil suit, claiming our client, his wife, had embezzled millions from him in concert with other employees, banking institutions, accountants, and title companies. The artist husband sought over $18 million in damages from the combined defendants. The Biegel Law Firm, working in close cooperation with our client’s family law attorneys, was ultimately able to have the entire case dismissed and, as part of the Marital Settlement Agreement, to have a press release issued indicating that the claims were made in the heat of a heavily contested divorce and that both parties were satisfied with the confidential settlement.

Case Study: Defending Breach of Contract Claim

Our client had a relationship with a high school sweetheart. They were later married after both had graduated from college. Beginning in high school, our client started two businesses which, at the time of the parties’ marriage, were highly successful. The Marital Settlement Agreement which terminated the marriage left open the wife’s claim that she had a 50% ownership interest in our client’s businesses. As soon as the marriage dissolved, the wife filed suit against our client, contending that she owned half of both businesses and that they were worth millions of dollars. The Biegel Law Firm, after intense settlement negotiations and after a myriad of depositions and exchanges of voluminous documents, was able to settle the case for well short of what the plaintiff had demanded and for what our client considered “nuisance value” in order to cut short the expense of concluding the litigation in his favor.

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