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Generally, when an automobile manufacturer puts a car out into the market, they do so with the assurance that the car is safe to drive. Unfortunately, some cars and car parts have design or manufacturing defects that make them dangerous, leading to accidents that cause injury or death.

When a manufacturer releases a defective automobile, they put the health and lives of others at risk. If you suffered injuries from an accident that was caused by a defective car or car parts, you may be able to pursue a personal injurylawsuit to receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. At the Biegel Law Firm, we give you the personalized attention you need to get the compensation you deserve.

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Dangers of Automobile Defects

Defective cars and car parts can pose serious hazards to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians: cars can topple over, tires can blowout, and airbags can deploy too late or not at all.

Automobile defects can result from design or manufacturing flaws that render the product unsafe. With design defects, the actual design of the car or the car part was faulty. In a manufacturing defect, the design was not flawed, but an error occurred during the production of the car part.

Because cars are made up of a number of parts, any one of those parts can be defective. In recent years, many manufacturers have recalled millions of automobiles because of defects.

A few types of automobile defects include:

  • Steering wheel failure: steering wheel locks and the driver is unable to control the vehicle
  • Tire failure: tire separation or issues with the rubber can cause blowouts
  • Airbag failure: failure for airbags to deploy, airbags deploying at the wrong time, or objects shooting out of the airbags
  • Seat belt failure: seat belt unlatches, rips, or does not lock on impact

Checking for Recalls and Reporting Safety Issues

Drivers can check sites such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for vehicle recall information. Unfortunately, car manufacturers do not automatically know that there is an automobile defect so not all issues will be listed; however, individuals who believe there may be a defect can report it to the NHTSA, which can help identify safety risks and may lead to future recalls, protecting individuals from suffering harm from malfunctioning parts.

Our Firm Levels the Playing Field for You

When an automobile defect causes an accident, the car manufacturer, parts manufacturer, and dealership can all be liable for damages caused. Trying to go up against these companies on your own can be intimidating, but with our fierce legal representation on your side, the playing field is leveled. You can be confident our Monterey County automobile defects lawyers will fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Case Studies

Client rear ended by commercial vehicle

Our client, a 68 year old federal employee, was profoundly injured when she was rear ended by an industrial truck. We recovered from both the at-fault driver’s company as well as the auto manufacturer for a defect in our client’s car which was a substantial cause of the injuries she sustained which rendered her a quadriplegic.

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