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If you have been a victim of a car, truck, or motorcycle accident in California, you deserve to be compensated. An unplanned collision takes a toll on your financial, physical, and emotional resources. Between vehicle repair bills, medical expenses, and increased insurance premiums, accidents are inconvenient, time-consuming, and expensive.

Our Monterey car accident attorneys understand how important it is to you to obtain results quickly and cost-effectively. We can help you file suit against the individual or business entity that should be held accountable, whether or not insurance is involved. Our team represents victims of accident and injury at settlement or trial.

California law limits the time you have to file your claim and stipulates that:

  • You have two years from the date of the accident, or two years from the date you discovered an injury to file your claim.
  • Even if you were partially to blame for the accident, you may be able to recover at least some of your expenses. (California is a comparative fault state.)

Our attorneys advise you of your legal rights and options after an accident or injury.

We have a licensed attorney/registered nurse on staff, which enables us to respond faster in most cases involving significant injuries, including cases involving motorcycle accidents, head injuries, and helmet laws. Our attorneys have earned jury verdicts and settlements in the millions of dollars for our injured clients.

We defer payment until after we settle or win your case. If we do not obtain a money judgment for you, we do not get paid and you will not be charged for any of the costs of taking your case to trial. This is just one way we set your mind at ease as you struggle to bear the costs of an unplanned accident or injury.

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Case Study: Motorcyclist Injured in Wild Pig Crossing

Attorney Biegel successfully proved that the California Department of Transportation’s failure to respond to repeated warnings about the safety hazard posed by a wild pig crossing resulted in undue harm to his client. The client spent approximately five months in a coma and suffered permanent disability. The case resulted in one of the largestpersonal injury verdicts in California, totaling $8.6 million.

Case Study: Traffic Accidents

We represented two off-duty police officers who were injured when their vehicle was hit by an eighteen-wheel tractor-trailer on Highway 5 in Stanislaus County. When the defendant’s insurance company offered no money whatsoever to settle the case, Mr. Biegel tried the case to a Stanislaus County jury and obtained a substantial verdict, which was paid within 30 days of its rendition.

Case Study: Bicyclist Injured By Motorist

The firm’s client was riding his bike down a hill in Monterey when a motorist, apparently blinded by the setting sun, made a precipitous left turn in front of him, causing him to come flying over the hook of the vehicle and crashing to the pavement. Our client lay dying on the street with his windpipe occluded when a passing emergency room doctor stopped and rendered first aid to save his life. He suffered throat injuries (smashed Adam’s apple) and substantial orthopedic injuries. Though claiming he never liked lawyers nor wanted to sue anyone, he hired the Biegel Law Firm which was able to settle the case after complex negotiations for a high six-figure amount.

Case Study: Pedestrian Struck By Commercial Vehicle

Our client was stopped on the side of the road fixing a flat tire when an out-of-control water delivery truck smashed into him late one night. He suffered leg and hip injuries as a result. The driver of the delivery truck was legally drunk at the time of the accident. The Monterey car accidents attorney Firm not only sued the driver but also his employer. The driver had little or no insurance. His employer had a substantial amount of insurance. The employer’s attorney contended his client had no liability for the accident, since the employee was not on duty and simply had permission to take the vehicle home at night in case of an “on call” emergency. After this defense was rejected by the Monterey County Superior Court, the case settled for a substantial six-figure amount.

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Case Studies

Client Suffers Catastrophic Injuries when 18-Wheeler Crosses over Center Divider and Collapses onto Client’s Passenger Vehicle

Our client was driving northbound on Highway 101 when suddenly an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer rig carrying six households of furniture crossed over the center divider and literally pancaked on top of our client’s passenger vehicle. First responders thought no one could have survived the accident, but miraculously our client did, though his spinal cord injuries rendered him a quadriplegic. Following intensive discovery, which required the Biegel Law Firm team to travel to Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida and Rhode Island, and with the help of expert witnesses and consultants, the firm was able to gain a settlement for our client in the amount of $11,000,000.00.

Client Catastrophically Injured and His Family Killed in Tragic Drunk Driving Accident

Our client was traveling on a rural road in a Central Valley county with his family for a birthday dinner when a drunk driver ran a stop sign, crashing into our client’s vehicle and killing his mother, father and younger brother. Our client’s life was saved by expert medical attention, but his life was profoundly altered as he was rendered a quadriplegic as a result of the accident. The drunk driver had minimal insurance for the incredible losses sustained by our client. Because of that, our firm looked for other potential entities who might bear responsibility for the accident. The Biegel Law Firm was able to establish, through a review of public records, that the intersection from which the drunk driver came was a dangerous condition for motorists traveling in the route taken by our client’s family. As a result, and over intense opposition by the defense, the County in which the accident took place settled the case in our client’s favor for over $8,000,000.00.

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